Bone Scan

Back to London today for a Bone Scan at UCLH.

Got the train at 10.39 and was at the hospital just in time for my appointment.

I didn’t have long to wait until I was called in for the injection, I was welcomed by a trainee nurse who asked me all the routine questions. She then asked if I had any problems having cannula’s put in.  She said she was going to get one of the regular nurses to put the cannula in.

I said that she should do it as it was the way to learn.

She took on the challenge and did a good job.

Before long I was injected with the radioactive fluid and told to come back at 14.50 for the scan.

So I had 3 hours to kill…………………..

So I wondered around for a while, looked in a few shops and had some lunch before heading back to the hospital.

Soon after 14.50 I was called forward for the scan and about 20 minutes later it was all done.

I would get the results the following week at my oncology outpatients appointment!

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