Its my birthday

And I am off to London today for a Urology appointment, I think I will make this the last as we are not making any progress. I feel I need to resign myself to Nocturia, getting up in the night to pee although it has been a little better of late with me not getting up so much.

And I am combining today’s visit with a blood test to save me coming back up to London tomorrow and Wednesday. So back on Wednesday to see the oncologist and see what my PSA is now reading.

I arrived a little late for my appointment due to a delay on the tube but was quickly seen.

The doctor was struggling to bring up my records as they had a new computer system so I summarised my story and gave him my current situation which is that I am getting up less in the night.

I also said that I thought we could draw a line under my treatment as there was little to be done. He agreed stating that it was not uncommon for someone of my age to be getting up in the night.

So that should be my last trip to Westmoreland Street.

Then I walked over to the Cancer Centre for my blood test. I had a 20 minute wait and then I was seen.

They too were working with a new computer system and soon she had found my records and the blood test request which included a PSA test.

Blood taken it was time to head home, hopefully I will get a bit of time down the allotment with Teddy.

Back on Wednesday for chemo and to see what my PSA is doing.

Fingers crossed 🤞

One thought on “Its my birthday”

  1. Happy birthday Phillip!! Maybe not a great way to spend it but at least you are knocking the urology appoints on the head!!
    Fingers crossed for the test results on Wednesday- will be thinking of you xxx


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