It’s been a while

Yep it’s been a while since I have written a post and the reason for that is I was a bit down after being told that my cancer had spread more around my bones.

I was told told that I had four new lesions, 2 on my ribs, one on my spine and one in my shoulder.  What is amazing is that these all developed over a nine week period as I was having a bone scan every nine weeks as part of the Neptunes trial.

The immediate action of the medical team was to take me off the Neptunes Trial as the protocol dictates that patients should leave the trial if they show signs of disease progression.

The next topic of conversation was what to do next?

There was a long conversation but the upshot of it all was that I was to have another 6 rounds of chemotherapy with Cabazitaxel this time rather than the Docetaxel  I had last time.  There was then talk of perhaps having Radium 223 after that, whenever that may be!

There was also talk of another trial with Lutetium 177, which is a radioactive treatment which attacks cancer cells.  Unfortunately this trial is not currently recruiting and so I can not even try and get on it.

Of course all of this was a real blow to both Barbara and I, on the face of it it looked like the Neptunes trial was working although my PSA had risen I had also had reactions that suggested things were going in the right direction.

Things were going so well we had booked a holiday to Jamaica for March between treatments.

This meant that the chemotherapy had to to be fitted around the holiday and as they didn’t want me going to Jamaica with a weakened immune system I had a six week break between treatment 1 and treatment 2.

Treatment 1 went OK with no real side effects. Treatment to, the day after our return from Jamaica went well but I have since had some diarrhoea and have felt more tired than usual.

What will treatment 3 bring?

So that is a brief summary of the last few months.

In myself, in my mind I feel better, well at least consciously, but I am having a really tough time sleeping, I feel tired when going to bed but my mind gets so active I just cannot sleep.  I don’t lie there thinking about cancer or my situation just everything else, my mind screams really loud at me.

At times I take sleeping tablets which sometimes help and mean I get a reasonable nights sleep, but I can’t keep taking them or they will stop working.

But at least I am very well and getting on with things, next chemo in a couple of weeks.

Watch this space 🙂

2 thoughts on “It’s been a while”

  1. Hi Phillip. So very sorry to hear about the recurrences – shit huh. Sounds like there’s a plan though so let’s hope it’s doing the business. Hope the side effects stay low-key too.
    The sleeping business is crap. Have you asked if it’s anything to do with any of the drugs you’re on (ie steroids??) if so they may be able to adjust dose? Just a thought. Glad you’ve got sleeping tabs anyway because sometimes you just need to get your head down, so do use them.
    Sending love and hugs


    1. Hi Justine, yes there is a plan so fingers crossed and the same with the side effects.
      Sleeping is crap, when I was firstthe diagnosed I struggled with sleeping properly, it took me time to get it right in my head. So I think this is same, at a sub conscious level my mind is in turmoil. Hopefully I will adjust again and get back to a regular sleep pattern.
      P x


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