Cabazitaxel 1

By way of a change I am at UCLH on a Tuesday, but same early start as always.

As always first stop was a blood test which went well.

The upstairs to the chemo suite where I checked in and was issued with a wrist band.

I was then called by Connie who is one of the nurses who fitted a cannula and took my blood pressure etc.

Blood Pressure was 119/69 which is quite good as I am sure my heart was thumping after having the cannula fitted.

Then it was time to wait for the chemo to be made up. Cabazitaxel is made to order and made up on the day.

It was also time for a cup of tea and a panini as we didn’t know when we might finish.

And so we waited……

Well it’s now 1030 and treatment is getting close. I have been given a bed as I am on a first cycle of chemo.

I hope I do not have a reaction to this like I did with the first couple of cycles of Docetaxel.

About 1130 the treatment started with a flush of saline solution along some pre meds to make sure all goes well.

These were…

The chemo was ready at about 1215 and it was soon connected up and flowing into my arm.

And all was fine and rather unremarkable, no reactions, nothing.

The treatment took about an hour and then I was disconnected and the cannula removed.

I was also having my Prostap injection today. The nurse had to read up on how the injection was administered as she hadn’t done one before.

Someone else who hasn’t done an injection before is Barbara who has to inject me with something that will boost my white blood cells for 5 days.

She spent time talking to some of the nurses to get some pointers and one even got her a syringe and made a gauze ball for her to practice with.

Next time she does it, it will be on me!

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