MRI of my Head

Before anyone asks they were not looking for my brain πŸ˜‰.

But they were looking to see if there was any sign of a tumour around my brain as I had mentioned that I been having minor headaches and they ‘didn’t want to miss anything’ as they put it.

So it’s back to UCLH for a MRI.

On arrival I checked in and had to fill in a questionnaire and then I was seen almost straight away.

And then it was time to have another cannula as the MRI was with Gadolinium contrast.

The radiographer did a good job getting into the vein but it took a bit of wiggling around to get it fully in the vein. This had me squiming in the seat in pain and gritting my teeth.

Then it was time to empty my pockets and remove all the metal from my person.

I was lead into the room where the scanner was and asked to lie on the bed. A frame was fitted around my head to keep it still, I felt a little like Hannibal Lechter!

Then the bed moved and my head was in the scanner.

As the scanner started the noise increased rapidly and it’s not just the volume of the noise it’s the different types of noise from clanking sounds to beeps and whistles. All the time you can hear the scanner spinning.

I can’t imagine what this would be like if you were claustrophobic, fortunately I am not and I just closed my eyes and let my mind drift.

After about 20 minutes the noise stopped but only while they injected the Gadolinium.

Another 5 minutes to go.

And then it was over.

I asked why it was so noisy and the answer was Physics!

Then it was time to pick up my belongings and head home.

Hopefully all is ok.

And as I am about to post Dr Flanagan phoned and said the MRI showed no problems so nothing to worry about there.

Good news 😁.

She also gave me some homework and suggested I read up on Cabazitaxel and Radium 223 as possible future treatment options.

She also mentioned a trial called Lutetium which is going live in a few months, the downside is that it is a randomised trial and I feel I need more than a placebo!

Some more thinking to be done!

One thought on “MRI of my Head”

  1. Well good news about the brain being there anyway!! Sounds like there are a few options to explore – shame this one doesn’t appear to be giving the best results but you never know it may be working in mysterious ways in the background. Lots of homework to keep you occupied lol.
    Ps I agree about the scanners – I managed not to develop a phobia of them but only just!
    Sending hugs

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