First Treatment of the Year – Not

After the scans on Friday it’s back to London and UCLH today for my first treatment of the year or treatment number 8 of the trial.

As always an early start although this time we drove to the station as opposed to getting a taxi although it is £9 for parking which is half the cost of 2 taxis.

Arrived on time at the hospital and went to see Danny the trial nurse to pick up the vials for the trial bloods. So with the 5 vials for the trial and 5 as part of the normal blood test a total of 10 will be taken.

As soon as my number was called I warned the plebotomist that it took 5 goes to get the cannula in last week and I hoped she could do better.

And she was very good, a quick look at my veins and she selected my right inner elbow.

Needle went straight in first time and soon my blood was flowing.

Then it was back up to see Danny and get my observations done, blood pressure was good, that of a 25 year old !

I chatted to Danny about what I had heard about a cannulation department but he didn’t know about it so I may have to do a little research on that, maybe a quick recce today.

For now it’s time to sit and wait for my outpatients appointment…….

Well that didn’t go as expected!

Dr Linch asked how I was and if anything had changed, I said I had a little bit of blurred vision in my right eye, this prompted a series of questions and concerned looks from both Dr Linch and Dr Flanagan.

The upshot was that I was referred to Moorfields Eye Hospital for further eye checks to try and identify whether the eye problem was caused by the drugs or some other issue and so treatment was postponed.

I will also be sent for a MRI of my head to see if there are any issues there.

I also mentioned that the GP had sent me for a chest xray due to a cough and that came back showing thinning bones which might indicate Osteoporosis and that I had a Dexascan booked for further checks.

Dr Linch had some bad news for me in that it looked like there was some disease progression. A lesion on a lymph node (if I understood correctly) had grown from 1.2cm to 1.4cm.

He was concerned that my PSA had risen to 33 last month, todays results were not in.

I am sure there were other thing but my mind was a bit blurred by then!

There was a brief discussion of other future treatments but for now I would continue on the immunotherapy.

So after a quick breakfast at Cafe Valerie we jumped in a taxi to Moorfields.

Check in was fairly quick although the form I was asked to complete clearly indicates that there are a lot of visitors from other countries to the hospital.

I was quickly seen by a triage nurse where I handed over the letter Dr Flanagan had written.

The Triage Nurse took a few details and then we were sent to a second waiting room.

Once again I was called almost straight away to see another nurse who did further tests, she got me to read from a chart, test my eye pressure and examined my eyes.

I was then sent back to the waiting room and told to wait for the doctor. Could be a 2 hour wait!

About 90 minutes later we were called forward by a doctor who carried out the following tests.

Visual Acuity

Slit Lamp Examination


And I was sent to have my eye photographed.

And it turns out I have Vitreous Detachment! Which could be age related!!!!!!

No treatment for it and my eyes and brain should adapt over a fairly short period of time.

So that was kind of good news!

But the warm glow didn’t last long!

I gave Dr Flanagan a quick call to update her and she was pleased. But she had my PSA result which was now 51 up from 33 last month. So on top of the earlier news about the lesion it seems that the cancer is once again active and not responding to immunotherapy.

So I am back next week for treatment, maybe, and to discuss future treatment options.

Right now I don’t know what to think, I feel like I am being painted into a corner with an ever decreasing list of options.

That said I will remain positive and keep on fighting.

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