New Year New Start!

Well Christmas and New Year have passed and I am back at UCLH again, for scans this time. A CT Scan followed by a Bone Scan.

So an early start, up at 6am, shower then walk the dog, not too cold considering the forecast.

Dropped Barbara off in Stansted and then drove to the station. Hoping to use less taxis this year although the car park was £11.

The train was not too busy, not everyone is back at work yet.

And before I knew it I was sat in the waiting room in the imaging department.

I am not allowed to eat for 3 hours prior to CT scan so looking forward to breakfast and a cup of tea!

Well that was torture! 5 goes to get the cannula in for the CT scan, seems my veins are getting harder to get into.

I did learn that there is a department that does cannulation for patients with difficult veins so I think I will ask to be referred there for the next set of scans.

Breakfast was relief and time to catch my breath before the bone scan. I opted for the healthy option and went for porridge with a banana.

I went up to the 5th floor where Nuclear Medicine is located a little early in the hope I would be seen early, it was not to be and I finally got my 1040 appointment at about 1115.

Having a cannula already fitted speeds things up and it wasn’t long before I was hooked up to the syringe with the radioactive source in it and another with a flush.

Both syringes are pushed in turn with a small amount of the radioactive source being injected followed by a small amount of the flush. This is repeated several times until every last drop is in my veins.

The cannula is removed and I am asked to return at 1315 for the scan.

As always it’s now time to find something to do which is a little harder than the summer time as sitting in the park is not so attractive!

Time passes slowly and eventually it is time to go back up to the 5th floor, I am a little early but you never know…….

And lo and behold I am called forward early and in I go. The scan takes about 18 minutes and I doze as the scanner moves slowly inches from my nose.

Just as I start to move into a deeper sleep state I am told that the scan is complete and I can go.

So now it is time to head home.

I hope the results are in before my outpatients appointment on Wednesday.

One thought on “New Year New Start!”

  1. Well happy New Year Phillip although it sounds like it’s back to the grindstone for you!
    I feel your pain about the canula for scans as I used to have exactly the same problem and it was painful!! Eventually we got to the stage of a specialist nurse coming round to my house to fit the canula before the scan – although that doesn’t really work if you have to get a train to London!!
    Fingers crossed for you on the results xxx


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