Back again

Well it has been a while since I have had anything to report as I am now into more of a routine of visits every 4 weeks which is great after the rush of the summer when it felt like I was at the hospital every week.

Overall I have been pretty well which is great.

As usual I started the day with a blood test. In what seems to be the norm the plebotomist try to take blood from my hand but to no avail so she tried again in my inner elbow with more luck this time.

With blood done it was then upstairs to see the research nurses who took the normal observations.

My blood pressure was a bit higher than normal, not sure why?

So we waited a few minutes snd then took another with better results.

I still find it amazing how your blood pressure can change over the course of a few minutes. I think it may have been the excitement of the blood test that raised the pressure!

Having had my observations done it was not a long wait to see the oncologist, we saw Dr Mark Linch today who gave a quick update on where we were and he also gave me a quick check over. Overall we were not with him for long as the trial is just starting to tick over now.

After seeing Mark we headed to Patisserie Valerie for a late breakfast and to meet a friend.

We then had a walk down Tottenham Court Road where Barbara picked up a few bits and pieces.

We got back to the Macmillan Cancer Centre at about 1pm with our lunch. Barbara was keen to get on with a jigsaw and I had a meeting with someone who was going to be a new Patient Research Ambassador (PRA).

Graeme the PRA turned up at about 2pm and we had a chat about what is covered by the PRA’s and the sort of things I did. I hope he found it helpful.

Time then dragged, my appointment time for treatment was 2pm but that came and went……………………

Come about 4pm I had a canula fitted by Samson who is very good but it was still another wait until 5pm before the Nivolumab turned up and I was finally under way.

The treatment went well and was rather unremarkable.

We spoke to lots of patients who all had interesting stories to tell and we also learnt how to make a Christmas Tree out of a book.

It was 7pm before we left the Cancer Centre, it felt like a very long day and I was shattered. Fortunately the trains were kind to us and we were soon home.

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