I will be glowing tonight!

Back on the train to London again this morning on another trip to UCLH, this time for a CT Scan followed by a Bone Scan. The reason I will be glowing tonight is a reference to the fact that the Bone Scan is done in the Nuclear Medicine department and you are injected with a small amount of radioactive material.

This is all being done as part of the Neptunes trial that I am on.

The imaging department were very efficient: I arrived on time and barely had time to sit down before I was called and asked to get changed into a rather fetching gown!

Once changed it was into the scanning room where I was fitted with a cannula so they could inject the contrasting fluid.

Two scans were done without using the fluid and then the fluid was injected and further two scans done.

It was all over quickly and then it was time for brekkie, I went healthy and opted for porridge with banana.

With my hunger satisfied I headed to the fifth floor and the Nuclear Medicine dept, I was about an hour early but what else could I do?

Despite arriving early I still had a long wait, it took about one hour and ten minutes before I was seen.

Then, as always it was pretty quick, I already had a cannula fitted so no need for that and quicky an adaptor was connected to the cannula and then a syringe of saline and the syringe of the radioactive material.

A few pumps on each and I could feel the solution moving up my arm.

The syringes were removed along the adaptor and then out came the cannula.

It was then time for another wait, 3 hours this time while the radioactive material does it stuff.

What it should be doing is moving round my body and attaching to cancerous cells which can then be seen by the scanner.

So I wandered around for a while……

Come 1pm I was back in Nuclear Medicine and before long I was collected by Emma who was going to conduct the scan.

I laid down and was strapped in to prevent movement, the scan would take 18 minutes and 2 seconds based on my height.

So now I can say I am 18 minutes and 2 seconds tall 🤔😉.

The scanner moved really close to my face, a good job I was not claustrophobic!

I kept my eyes closed throughout the scan in the hope that the time would go quicker. And the ceiling was not interesting to look at.

Emma gave a countdown, the halfway point, and 5 mins to go which helped break up the time.

Before long I was heading home, as always you get no feedback, I have to wait until I see the doctor on the 14th.

For the most part the service I got today was good, it’s just a pity I had to travel so far as both of the scans are available local to me!

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