A Chilly Start

A chilly start to the day today with a heavy frost on the cars. When I last went to the hospital the last remains of summer were there to keep me warm.

This morning it was down to a cup of tea and a blueberry muffin!

Hopefully just a quick trip to the hospital today with the main purpose to have a blood test to check that my liver is still stable with no toxicity from the Nivolumab two weeks ago.

I will need to wait around for results just in case the results are not good and I need something to treat the liver.

Fingers crossed all will be ok for treatment in two weeks.

After picking up the trial vials from Emily it was off down to Blood Tests for blood tests, we didn’t have long to wait before my number was called and I was in the cubicle with a new plebotomist.

He had a quick look at my arms and decided my veins in my arms were not very good so he opted for my left hand.

He was very good at getting the needle in, quick and painless.

So far so good.

But while the needle was in the flow was not so good.

After filling the five vials for the blood test he decided that we needed to get another line in to fill up the trial vials.

So a double needle job this morning!

Fortunately he was very good at getting the needle in and so I didn’t do too much squirming around.

You can see from the photo above all the things I am being tested for, that is one of the good things about being on a trial.

I still need to learn what all the different tests are, a project for another day.

So we had an hour or so to wait for the blood test results to come back so what better to do than go for breakfast. We decided to treat ourselves and choose to go to Patisserie Valerie for breakfast.

I was feeling in a good mood and Barbara thought she would take my picture!

I was having none of it!!!!

Once we returned to the Macmillan Cancer Centre we were quickly seen by Dr Linch. We had a good chat and he had some good news about the trial.

A report had been published about a similar trial in the USA called Checkpoint 650 and it said that a lot of the participants had responded well to the trial. I had seen a headline about this but had not realised that is was a sister trial.

He gave a quick update on the Neptunes trial and said that one of the other participants had spent a week in hospital due to side effects so I count myself lucky with the ones I had.

He gave me an examination which was all ok and we reviewed my health since my last visit.

The results of the blood test were not in and we were asked to return in an hour.

We did so and was seen by Fernando the Clinical Nurse Specialist who said my bloods and especially my liver were ok, a few were a little high but nothing to worry about.

So the good news is I dont need to take anything else and we could head home.

Overall a positive day and I am happy with the outcome 😁.

Once I got home I had a couple of hours to wait then it was off to the Doctors Surgery to see Nurse Bonnie for my Prostap (Hormone Therapy) injection which considering that it is a big needle going in my stomach, went very well.

Back in 12 weeks for that again.

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