Urology Update

Back up to London again today but to a different part of UCLH this time, yes it was back to Westmoreland Street for a 3 monthly catch up with my Urologist.  I am still going to the toilet 3 or 4 times (sometimes more) and was hoping this could be sorted out.  Last time I saw him he said just to try Solifinicin on it’s own to see if that improved the situation.

Urology Dept

It didn’t!

I made it there in good time and surprisingly as soon as I sat down my name was called.

We had a chat about how things were going and I told there was no difference when taking the Solifinicin and when I was not and if anything the Solifinicin caused constipation.

He checked the size of my bladder on his records and said it was a regular size and should be OK and looking at the Flow Test there is no blockage.

He said that it is sometimes the case that men do get up in the night.

I think he is setting the scene that there is nothing he can do.

In the meantime though he said to try Bendroflumethiazide which is a water tablet which should help you go.  The idea being that it makes you go in the day so you need to go less at night.

We shall see!

The pharmacist who issued the tablets said I should not go out for about 3 hours after taking them making it sound like they would work quite quickly!

I think I will try them in the evening first of all and see how it goes.

Once again fingers crossed.


One thought on “Urology Update”

  1. Goodness there seems to be a lot of ‘try it and see’ going on here Phillip! Fingers crossed for you and hope it all has the desired effect!! xx


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