A Quick Visit

So it was always going to be a quick visit as I knew I  was just up to the hospital for a blood test to check on my liver and whether the steroids were working. But it was still an early start, up at 6 am and on the train by 10 past 7.

Arrived a little early today and thought I would be the first in the queue for my blood test but it turned out I was number 5 in the queue, must be a busy day at UCLH.

Blood test done I then checked in with the research nurse and got my observations done.

Then we had an hour or so to spare so we headed to the canteen for breakfast.

Once we got back to the Macmillan Cancer Centre we didn’t have long to wait before my name was called.

We got to see a new oncologist today, one of Dr Linch’s team.  She was very good and gave us a brief on where we were, she didn’t have the blood test results and so we agreed that she would call me later in the day and we would go home or back to work in Barbara’s case.

She then asked if I would be OK with my blood being sent to the Biobank, some kind of DNA repository which is used to store DNA date gathered from blood etc.  She said I would be an interesting addition to the scheme as I was going through immunotherapy.

The Biobank is new to me and I need to find out more about it but it seems it is used in conjunction with research.

I was happy to agree and signed the consent form.

It was then time to head home and wait for the call.

The doctor called about 5.45 and said that my AST reading had come down to 111, it needs to be 50 or lower to be deemed normal.  I am to re-attend next week for another blood test and they may look to continue with the Prednisolone  but on a much lower dose, 10 mg was mentioned.

She did say that it was possible I would not have treatment next week and but maybe the week after.

So a bit of good news and a bit of bad news.

I am keen to get on with treatment but I need the liver sorted first, it is a little frustrating that the liver problem was caused by the trial drugs, I hope I will be able to continue with the trial.


One thought on “A Quick Visit”

  1. Hi Phillip – bit of a mixed bag for you but mostly positive and great that you are contributing to the biobank. Don’t laugh but we recently donated one of our dog’s DNA to a canine equivalent biobank…I have never been asked to do it myself as I think it’s a newish thing, but I would if requested!
    Lovely to see you on Tuesday and I’ll be in touch soon Jx

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