Changing My Breakfast

When I was recently at a Health Spa I attended a talk by a nutritionist which was very interesting and has prompted me to get back on course with changing my diet and trying to eat more healthy.

Coincidentally one of the papers ran an article on healthy breakfast cereals and the one I am eating, ‘Special K’ didn’t score too well as it contained a lot of sugar.

So I have decided to move to Shreddies as they have a lot less sugar.

I have not had Shreddies for years, many years and was actually quite pleased with how they tasted.  I normally have mine with a banana and Alpro Coconut Milk which makes for a tasty breakfast and for the most part keeps me going until lunchtime.

Once we get more into winter I will change to porridge but for now Shreddies seem to be doing the job.

I still have a lot to learn about diet and nutrition and would love to hear what other people have for breakfast, after all it is the most important meal of the day 😉



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