Treatment 5

Its all becoming routine now, train, tube, check in, blood test, appointment, etc etc.

Feels like I know the Macmillan Cancer Centre so well, a place I had never heard of a year ago.

Also getting to know the staff well, they are all very good and very friendly.

Just waiting for a blood test, how will that little needle feel this morning?

Blood test went well, Helen is very good at taking blood and I was brave 😉

Back upstairs for a quick check over with Danny, Blood Pressure was 124/70 which is good and my weight was slightly down at 106.8kg.

And then into see Dr Linch, the appointment had been delayed as he had been waiting for the blood test results to come in.  Dr Linch had a student with him today who I gave consent for her to stay, how else do they learn?

Unfortunately my liver enzyme count (AST) had gone up to near where it was 2 weeks ago and so, it had gone down after the steroids but has now crept up again.

So I am back on Prednisolene again, a stronger dose and for longer.

There was further bad news in that my PSA had gone up since the last visit, it had gone from 10 to 13.  Dr Linch wasn’t sure why this had happened; I wonder if it is due to the amount of time since the last treatment, now about 6 weeks.

We had a good chat about things and about the side effects, still suffering from a minor headache, loss of breath at times and feeling tired although a quick examination didn’t find anything wrong.

So back again next week for a blood test and and then hopefully treatment the following  week.

I think a big part about writing a blog about this sort of thing is writing about how you feel which is sometimes difficult.  I cannot deny that it came as a big surprise that there is still a problem with my liver and then there is the disappointment of not having treatment again.  That said I feel positive that we will get on top of the problems and will soon be back on track.


2 thoughts on “Treatment 5”

  1. Keep on trucking Phillip, the cancer treatment journey is often referred to as a rollercoaster, which means their are ups again after the downs!! Xxx

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