Four Days in a Health Spa

After being told that Treatment 4 would be cancelled we had some decisions to make about our holiday.

We had flights booked to the South of France but given the way I was feeling and the risk of complications if I were to become ill while abroad we decided not to go to France and instead we would go to a Health Spa.

We were lucky enough to be able to book 4 nights in the Grayshott Health Spa in Surrey.

And so on Sunday 23rd September we headed off to Surrey.

The Spa looked lovely and was set in lovely grounds.

It had rained all the way there but as we arrived the sun came out.

That afternoon we both saw a Health Consultant, had a session of yoga and a dip in the pool. What a great start to our stay.

Over the next few days we had lots of treatments and took part in a number of activities and talks. We are healthy for our time there and had lots of time for relaxing.

Our treatments included.

Classic Massage

Hot Stones Massage

Be Nurtured Massage

De stress Massage



Personal Trainer 1-2-1

Classic Facial

We also took part in some gym classes.

Stretch and Mobilise

Relax and Unwind


Tai Chi

And we went to talks on

Anti-oxidants and Superfoods

Controlling the Dieting Refex

The food was fantastic and designed to be healthy, I had thought it would be all vegetarian but it wasn’t.


Our stay at Grayshott was fantastic and definitely what I needed. I left feeling relaxed and recharged.

One thought on “Four Days in a Health Spa”

  1. Blimey Phillip that sounds fabulous. What a lot of lovely therapies you had I bet you were totally relaxed. Hope the feeling lasts – you will have to visualise being there next time your stuck in hospital waiting for treatment!! Xx


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