Treatment 4 attempt 2

After a week on steroids, Prednisolene, I am back at UCLH in the hope that treatment 4 will go ahead today.

Journey up was ok although did have a hot flush on the train which caused me to sweat a bit and get a few strange looks from people.

As always I started the day with a blood test.

Then a quick check over with Danny the trial nurse and then I was off to see Dr Linch.

All went well with him and I was given the all clear to go ahead with treatment subject to the blood test results.

We went for some breakfast and then returned to the clinic for an update on the blood tests.

And it was bad news news as my liver function(AST) was still high, not as high as it was but still high enough for Dr Linch to postpone treatment once more.

We also made the decision that we would skip treatment 4 and come back in 2 weeks, which would be the 6 week break in treatment, and move onto treatment 5 which would be the first of the monotherapy so I would just be having the Nivolumab going forward.

It is disappointing not to have treatment 4 but I do understand the reasons why.

On the plus side my PSA has come down for the first time in about 18 months and is now 10 down from 14.

So that is really good news.

So its back in 2 weeks so in the meantime we need to decide what we are doing about a holiday?

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