Treatment Number 3 – Take Two

Feeling more awake and alive after a cup of tea and a yum yum.

On the train once more to UCLH where hopefully Treatment number 3 will take place. The rash that stopped me having the treatment last week has mostly gone and so I should be clear to go ahead.

I imagine its going to be same routine.

Taxi, train, tube, blood, trial nurse, oncologist, pharmacy nurse, treatment and home.

So that should only take about 10 hours plus travel time 😉.

Things progressed fairly quickly to start with and before long I had quickly had my blood test and was checked into to see Dr Linch.

We had a good 20 minutes with Dr Linch and learnt a few things.

He spent a lot of time asking about the side effects I had experienced and taking notes.

He did say that they expected only about half the people on the trial to make it through the first 4 treatments and so as I am on treatment 3 I am quite pleased with my progress. That said it does raise a minor concern that I may still have a few small challenges to face.

I am really pleased to be on treatment 3, it made me feel a little bit down when the treatment was delayed.

Of course there was a bit of time to kill so what else to do but another jigsaw, we went for a 500 piece jigsaw but it turns out it only had 467 pieces!!


The treatment itself takes about 90 minutes, 30 mins for the Nivolumab followed by 30 minutes of saline then another 30 mins of Ipilimumab.

Finally we were finished at about 5pm after a long day at the hospital, now just the London underground and a train ride to get us home.


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