Visit to GP

Arrived at 0755 and there was already a queue, not everyone was queing for the GP but still!

The exterior doors to the hospital opened at 0800 sharp, time to move on queue number 2.

But at least we can sit down.

Two reasons for this mornings visit. 1 to get doctor to look at rash which doesn’t seem to be improving and second to try and get a dermatology referral so someone can look at the suspicious moles I have.

Finally the receptionists shutters opens at 0834 and she starts to call out numbers so we can complete the check in process. I am number 12, I wonder what time my appointment will be?

At 0845 my number is called and I go to the reception desk where I am informed that my appointment is going to be at 0950.

I have about an hour to wait so I head home for breakfast and to take Teddy for a walk.

Back at Haymeads Health Centre and its 0945, I wonder what time I will get in for my 0950 appointment.

Ok got in about 1010 and saw doctor.

He said keep taking tablets for the rash and he referred me to a dermatologist so job done there👍.

The doctor actually seemed quite good its just such a pity you have to go through such a palaver to get seen.

It’s a good job I am not ill!

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