Treatment No 3

Here we go again, it’s turning into a bit of a routine now, taxi, train, tube, blood test, breakfast, oncologist…..

I must admit to feeling a bit apprehensive about the appointment this morning and what he may say about the side effects I have be having.

Fingers crossed 🤞.

AND not surpringly the oncologist postponed the treatment as he thought we should deal with the rash first.

He has prescribed a course of steroids to fight the rash which hopefully will be gone by next week.

He couldn’t really comment on what may have caused the rash but only to say that my immune system will be very busy at the moment and anything could happen. A rash is one of the recognised side effects of the immunotherapy treatment.

I do feel very disappointed at the moment, I know it makes sense but any delay to treatment causes concern.

As a consolation we will go out somewhere nice for lunch.

Once I have taken my steroids of course😉.

2 thoughts on “Treatment No 3”

  1. Sorry to hear that Phillip but it may be comforting to think that if your body is still reacting to the therapy then no doubt the cancer is too, as I understand cancer cells are weaker than normal body cells. So it should still be working even though you’re not having your next dose yet. That’s my layman’s understanding of what I was told when I had chemo delayed a couple of times anyway!
    Take care and hope you enjoyed your lunch xx

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    1. I think you are write, I think the treatment is working given the various effects it is having on me 🙂
      I just get so psyched up for the treatment it gets disappointing when it gets postponed although I feel a lot better this week so perhaps the delay is for the best. xx


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