Back in A&E

Woke this morning with a bit of a rash which slowly got worse as the day progressed.

About 7 pm I called the UCLH Chemo Helpline who asked for photo’s.

After a wait they recommended that I go to A&E.

Got there about 10pm.

Before long I had seen the triage nurse who was a little short with us.

Then it was off for a blood test and to have a canula fitted.

Come about 11pm a nurse came over an gave me an injection of antihistamine. Didn’t get the name as he had a strong accent.

Now (11.40 pm)waiting to see what happens next.

At about half past midnight I was seen by a doctor who gave me another check over and told me my bloods were ok. She would get an ECG done and prescribed a course of antihistamine for me to take.

We finally left A&E at about 1.15 am and had a really easy drive home as all the sensible people were already in bed 😉.

One thought on “Back in A&E”

  1. Goodness Phillip that’s quite a bad rash – no wonder you had to go to A&E!!
    Doesn’t sound like you had the best of times there either. Very glad you’re back home safe and sound. Take care & hope the skin is clear now.
    Hugs Jx


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