My Worry Now

My main worry now after my visit to A&E yesterday is that when I next see Mark Linch, my Oncologist, is that he might want to stop me having further medication as part of the Neptunes Trial.

Whereas my own thoughts on the matter are that I would sooner be having some unpleasant times but keep on the trial as that gives me a better outcome in the long term.

Fingers crossed for when I see him in two weeks.

2 thoughts on “My Worry Now”

  1. Hi Phillip try not to worry too much. When I have had issues on chemo in the past it has been because the dose needed adjusting – or something else like a cold or a bug – but I have never been taken off it. It’s more a signal to look at what else your body might need to support it – well from my experience as a patient anyway.
    Sleep tight xx

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