Back Again

Back on the train once more heading to London. Off to UCLH but for a Urology appointment in Westmoreland St.

Arrived in plenty of time for my appointment despite opting to walk from Warren Street to help improve my step count.

I saw Dr Nauth-Miser who started by giving me the results from my recent ultrasound and flow test.

He said I had no problems with my flow and that my prostate was not blocking the flow.

He did comment that my prostate was small, about 16mg I think he said.

We then chatted about options and concluded that staying on medication was the way forward although I will stop taking the Tamsulosin and Finesteride and just take Solifinicin. Which I will take in the morning.

I have a follow up appointment in 3 months to review how it is going.

He did mention some other options if the solifinicin does not work.

I think it will come down to me to decide how big an issue it is getting up in the night to pee.

It is an issue as I seldom get a full nights sleep and sometimes feel very tired but could I live with it?

One thought on “Back Again”

  1. Gosh what a lot of travelling you are doing I hope you don’t get too many problems with cancelled trains – I have been left stranded twice in the past two weeks, grrhh.
    Getting up in the night is a problem if it’s causing disrupted sleep – was there nothing else he could suggest? I must admit I stopped taking tamoxifen a bit early because it was disturbing my sleep but of course that is not to be recommended, just my personal decision. Xxx


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