A new word – Sclerotic

Today I learnt a new word.


As in the sentence “His recent CT of the chest, abdomen and pelvis shows multiple sclerotic bone metastases and no soft tissue disease”.

This is sentence from a recent consultation update sent to my GP.

This is the first time I have seen this word used and I am not clear what it means.

So its time for a quick Google search and where better to go than Wikipedia!

“In medicine, sclerosis (also spelled sclerosus in the names of a few disorders; from Greek σκληρός “hard”) is the stiffening of a structure, usually caused by a replacement of the normal organ-specific tissue with connective tissue. The structure may be said to have undergone sclerotic changes or display sclerotic lesions, which refers to the process of sclerosis.”

Thanks to Wikipedia for this and it is about as close I have got for now.

So the big question is, what does this mean?

I knew I had cancer in my spine and suffer from back ache and I guess this is down to the Sclerotic Bone Metastases or a hardening of bone material due to the effects of cancer?

Does anyone out there know?

I will, of course be asking my oncologist when I am at the hospital in a couple of weeks and would hope to learn more.

And the second question is……..

What can be done about it?


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