Follow up check

Don’t ask what time I was up today!

Back at UCLH again today, got an early appointment 0910 in the hope that there will be less waiting around, only time will tell.

Arrived at UCLH just after 8 and booked in and then got a blood test done.

I then went for a sneaky bacon sandwich in the main building.

By the time I returned to the Macmillan Cancer Centre my name was on the screen and I booked in at the second reception.

All going to plan 😁.

And by 0917 I am in a consultation room and in pops Dr Linch.

A quick chat and a checkover and all is ok.

He said that it is likely that it will be 2 or 3 months before I see any changes.

He also said that side effects may happen at any time, not so much because of the cumulative effect of the drugs but because it is training the immune system so some changes may happen.

I did learn that 20 men have now been screen with 5 being IMS positive.

And that the trial is starting to be done by other hospitals.

So I am back in 2 weeks for the next treatment, bloodtest and outpatients appointment.

Got a week off from Neptunes next week, Happy Days 😎.

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