Treatment Number 1

Today is the big day and I am feeling a little nervous. Partly because I hoping the treatment will really be a miracle and also because I had a bad reaction to the first two chemotherapy treatment and I worried the same would happen again.

It was going to be a busy day as I needed to see the Trial Nurse and then the Oncologist before I could be signed off for the treatment. I was due to see the oncologist at 11.10 and then booked in for treatment at 12.30.

We arrived at the Macmillan Cancer Centre in a timely fashion and made our way upstairs and headed to see Emily the Trial Nurse. She sent me off to get some blood samples and I took my own tubes with me.

That done it was time to see the Oncologist or should have been!!

We waited 2 hours to see him before being called in where I was examined and given the all clear for the treatment. I was told to come back in a week for a checkup so I booked an appointment for an earlier time in the hope that the waiting time would be less.

On the downside I learnt that my PSA was now 10.5.

We made our way up to the second floor where the treatment room is and checked in. We were directed to the nurse in charge of the section where I would be looked after.

She said there would be about a two hour wait while the pharmacy makes up the drugs so we headed out for some lunch.

We were back after an hour and decided.

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