Transperineal Biopsy

What can I say, this was not fun and could possibly be the most painful 30 minutes of my life.

I need to blank those 30 minutes out as I may need to have another one later in the trial.

My day started early and I was at UCLH Westmoreland Street for just after 8 pm.

Shortly after arrival I had another canula hanging out of my left hand and had completed a long questionnaire.

The MRI was a doddle compared with what was to follow.

If you have never had a MRI its a noisy affair that takes about 20 minutes.

Once the MRI was complete I made my way up to the 2nd floor where the minor surgery unit was based.

Another questionnaire and then I was given my outfit for the next few hours.

I didn’t mind the socks or surgical stockings but the nhs issue pants were another matter!

A bit of waiting around then I was seen by the surgeon who would be carrying out the procedure. He asked more questions and gave me a brief of what was to follow.

My smile was slowly fading!

Before long I was escorted down to the theatre and asked to lie on the bed. The leg stirrups gave me a shiver as I realised my diginity was soon going to be gone.

To make it worse the team was quite large consisting of 3 men and 3 women. They all introduced themselves but I only remember Frank and Glenn who were very cheerful and seemed to be enjoying the moment unlike myself: i could feel my blood pressure rising!

It was then time for my legs to go into the stirrups and the last shreds of diginty were cut away as my nhs issue pants were cut off.

I tried to focus on the beat of the heart rate monitor and recall what I had learnt about Mindfulness although I wasn’t sure I wanted to be too much in the moment!

An antibiotic injection in my arm followed and then everyone moved for a grandstand view of where the action was to take place.

I focused on the ceiling.

The first of two local anaesthetic injections made me gasp and instinctively pull away, which is difficult when strapped into the stirrups. But I could feel my thigh muscles tense up.

The ultrasound probe was then inserted so the doctor could make sure he was taking the samples from the rights place as identified on the MRI earlier.

The doctor said one more injection, this was to be an internal anaesthetic. Again I gasped as the needle went in, I am sure I could feel it going deeper this time and the anaesthetic being pushed into my Prostate.

The doctor then said I would hear a clicking sound as he took the samples and demonstrated the click, he meant good but to me this was like some form of mental torture.

I am not really sure how the samples are taken but it felt like a needle was inserted and inside the needle was a small grab that could take the sample.

This procedure was completed 8 times and by the end of it I was panting and could feel my heart beating. It was so painful and i wished that Barbara was there to hold my hand.

Relief came as they started to clean me up and took my legs from the stirrups, at least i could relax my legs.

As I was wheeled into recovery I was still panting; with relief that it was over!

Despite what I had been through I was itching to get going, I just wanted to get home.

The criteria for discharge was that I had to pass urine. Fortunately I needed to go pretty quick and before long I was heading home hoping that I would never have to go through that again.

First treatment tomorrow.

One thought on “Transperineal Biopsy”

  1. Phillip, so sorry you are having to endure all that, it sounds appalling. I had very similar biopsies which were also very sore – but weren’t in quite such a sensitive place – so I can only imagine what it must be like.
    Hope you are resting up now & happy that it’s all over for the mo xxxx

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