Patient Research Ambassador North Thames Meeting

Back in London today but for something different as it was the quarterly CRN North Thames PRA Meeting.

That’s Clinical Research Network North Thames Patient Research Ambassador Meeting.

Better to use the abbreviations 😉.

I will explain more about the CRN and being a PRA in a later post.

Today we started the meeting with a session of Mindfulness which was interesting and only took a few minutes.

I will be trying this at home and the good news is you can do it in bed😁.

We then got updates on the CRN from Christine and Iain.

And then a very interesting talk from Professor David Werry on Stroke Research and how he uses patients in the different stages of research from setting up the trial and all the way through.

I learnt a lot from this about Strokes but it made me wonder how much patient engagement there is in other trials.

We spent sometime talking about what we had been up to as PRA’s which was good and interesting to hear the range of things that are going on.

We finished off the day with a quick comms update and I made a quick video with Lauren about my research experience and my PRA experience.

Then time to head back home before coming back to London on Monday for my Urology Ultrasound!

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