London Calling

Another day in London and I am sitting on a busy tube trying to drink enough water to make sure I can complete the flow test and ultra sound I have scheduled for 0930.

I hope the tube doesn’t get stopped as I sit here with a full bladder!!!

Arrived early for my Ultra Sound.

It paid to arrive early as I was second in for my ultra sound and flow test.

The test started with the Ultrasound and a quick check that my bladder was full and then into a toilet where you pee into a funnel that cleverly detects your flow and records it as a print out.

Then another quick ultrasound to check whether my bladder was now empty.

It all clever stuff and looks high tech to me.

A quick photo for posterity and I am done.

The nurses were friendly and knowledgeable.

A quick walk then to UCLH on Euston Road and the Macmillan Cancer Centre where I need to provide another urine sample.

I hope it won’t be too long as my bladder is starting to fill once more😑.

A short wait and then I get seen. Another quick sample and that’s me done for the day.

Time to head home and take Teddy for a walk 🐶.

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