Back to London

10.20 A slightly later start today as I just have the one appointment today. 11.10 with Mark Linch for a catch up on the Neptunes trial and the tests and scans I have had so far.

I still need to have the Transperineal Biopsy but don’t have a date for that yet and I think they said I would have a MRI scan as well.

11.05 and we have arrived at UCLH and have been directed upstairs to Reception 2.

12.35 and we are finally called in but instead of Dr Lunch we meet Prof Gert Attard.

A confusing start to the appointment sees us talking about the Stampede Trial and whether I wanted to go back on it. Eventually Dr Linch comes in to clarify matters and we agree that I will not go back onto Metformin but they will continue to take observations and feed data into the Stampede Trial.

More consent forms need to be sign so that UCLH can continue with that trial.

We also go through the paperwork for the Neptunes trial.

I am told that I should have the Transperineal Biopsy and the MRI sometime over the next two weeks and that treatment should start on 4th July 😁👍.

I am also told I need another ECG as the previous one was done 2 earlier, it needs to be done within 2 weeks of starting the trial.

I also need to have another blood test and provide a urine sample.

We also spend some time with the Trial Nurse, Emily, who some more detail about what will be going on. She also provides a complex schedule of all the things that will be going on. It looks very busy but is difficult to read.

I may create my own schedule with dates.

After seeing Emily we head down into the bunker for a blood test with a very nice nurse who has taken my blood a few times. She is very good and I hardly feel the needle go in.

It’s a complex blood test and she fills up 6 tubes with blood. I think they must be testing me for everything 😉.

Then it’s off to the main building for the ECG which was very quick.

Finally we can head home, we were gone for longer than I hoped and look forward to seeing Teddy once we get home.

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