Ever since and before I was diagnosed I have had problems with Nocturia, going to the toilet a lot at night to pee.

This has been a real issue and has caused me to become very tried as I was not able to sleep very well.

One of the tablets I have been taking to try and resolve this is Solifinicin. The big issue with this is that it can cause constipation and for me it has and at times this has been a real issues which on one occasion lead to an ambulance being called (but that’s another story).

To my mind Solifinicin has never really worked in that it should have helped with my nocturia but I have suffered the side effects.

So while I have been away on holiday I have stopped taking the Solifinicin and to be honest I have not been up as much through the night and I have pee’d more through the day.

So I need to have a chat with my urologist and see what he thinks. Luckily I am seeing him on Monday 😁.

One thought on “Solifinicin”

  1. Sometimes the side effects are worse than the problem the drug is trying to solve. I have had personal experience of that too. My decision was to work with what my body was telling me but obviously that also needs to be with medical advice. X

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