Good news, all go for Neptunes

After all my worries I received some good news today and that is that I am eligible for the Neptunes Trial.

They have screened 14 people so far and I am only the second to be accepted onto the trial. A rather dubious claim to fame!

So this is going to be a busy couple of weeks as I need to have loads of tests done.

I have already had a further blood test today and an ECG.

Still to come are.

CT and MRI scans

Bone scan

Transperineal Biopsy

And more blood tests.

So I am back to UCLH in two weeks.

Good job I am on holiday for a week before then.

I am to stop taking the Enzalutimide and Metformin but keep going with Hormone Treatment.

I am also going to keep taking the Finesteride, Tamsulosin and Solifinicin.

Had a good chat with Dr Mark Linch about the trial and also met the trial nurse who will be helping with the trial. His name is Danny.

On the downside my PSA had risen slightly to 9.24.

I had my blood pressure done today which was on first reading 157/94 Which is a little high and then 138/93 on the second.

I had 99% oxygen saturation

A pulse of 71

And my temp was 36.4

My weight fully clothed was 109.1.

Both Barbara and I are very pleased that I am IMS positive and on the trial. I will write more about what the trial involves in due course and will keep updating as we go throughout the trial.


Well it’s waiting time again….

Here at the Macmillan Cancer Centre they use a 3 stage approach.

First you check in with the main desk in reception on the ground floor.

Then you wait.

Then your name appears on a screen and you go and wait somewhere else. In my case Outpatients Reception 2.

Again you check in.

And then you wait……..

As I write we are 45 minutes past the appointment time.

There is then a third stage where your name is called and then you go to a examination room and wait there!

Reception 2 doesn’t seem as busy as past visits although the wait seems just as long😐.

Feeling Apprehensive

I am sat on the train making my way to UCLH feeling slightly apprehensive.

The reason for my apprehension is two fold.

1 because I am worried that my PSA may have risen again, and.

2 because I am expecting to find out if I am eligible for the Neptunes trial. This gives me 2 further worries, one that I won’t be eligible and two that they won’t have the results back yet.

I think that two is the worst option as it leaves me with no plan and 5 weeks until the next oncology appointment.

At least if I find out I am not eligible for the trial then we can look at other options.

Makes me sound like a right worrier!