Presentation to the East of England Cancer Alliance Board

Today I did a presentation to the board of the East of England Cancer Alliance.

The presentation was on “My Cancer Story”. Which was a quick gallop through the last 18 months. I tried to keep it evenly balanced but also wanted to raise some issues as well.

I think it went well, there were some questions at the end and feedback from Justine was good as well.

Justine also said that a couple of people asked her questions which is good.

As the board is high ranking and have the ability to influence the NHS and cancer services I like to think that i have made a difference today.

Another blood test.

Time for another blood test.

Fingers crossed it will be straight forward as the blood test form came from UCLH.

When I arrived I got my ticket, number 73 and the counter was on 46!

Good job I am used to waiting although the wait was made better as Olivia was waiting for a blood test as well with Kaye so I had someone to talk to for a while.

This blood test was to check my PSA, I hope it has not gone up too much.

Well the good news is all went well with the blood test and the nurse found a vein quickly and had the needle in before I could notice.