Today one of my neighbours that I know from the allotment popped by while I was out walking Teddy with a note with the details of someone she thought could help me.

She has Pancreatic cancer I believe and just had Proton Beam Therapy (although the doctor called it nanoknife).

Her note had the phone number for Professor Leen at the Princess Grace Hospital. She told Barbara that he had said he could help with my case.

Apparently she had raised it with Prefessor Leen. I can’t thank her enough for taken the time to rise it.

So with nothing to lose I decided to text Professor Leen.

While I was down the allotment my phone went and it was Professor Leen.

We had a chat about my condition but the conclusion was that he could not help me as my cancer was to spread over my body.

During the chat he referred to nanoknife which is something I had not heard of before so I need to research that a bit.

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