Well today started a bit funny😁.

I had decided to have a bit of a lie in and so was surprised when I got a phone call from the radiotherapy department at UCLH asking me if I was coming in for my Radiotherapy. It turned out Dr Davda had booked me in for 5 sessions of radiotherapy to try and ease the pain I have been getting in my back.

I said I would be in as soon as I could.

At about 10am Dr Davda phoned me and explained that she had booked me in and had meant to let me know but hadn’t got round to it.

Anyway, after walking Teddy and getting ready Barbara and I set off for London, first a taxi to the station and then a train to Tottenham Hale where we caught the Tube to Warren Street.

Overall a simple journey albeit not one I had been expecting to be doing.

We made our way to the radiotherapy department which is in the basement of the main building and was asked to take a seat.

As it was my first radiotherapy treatment at UCLH I had to have a scan. As I had previously had radiotherapy on my back I already had a tattoo in the centre of my chest which they could use to line me up.

Once the scan was complete I was then back in the queue for radiotherapy.

The radiotherapy itself only took a few minutes on a very smart looking machine.

Once the treatment was done I was booked in for the following day.

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