A simple fall…

Just back from holiday in Devon.

For the most part it was great fun with lots of lovely walks along the coast and beaches. Teddy loves the beaches so much.

While taking Teddy for his morning walk one morning I slipped and fell, not a serious fall and it not not hurt much at the time, more a case of embarrassment at slipping.

However as the week went on the pain in my right thigh got worse and worse till I could hardly walk. I even visited the minor injuries unit in ???? and they could not find anything wrong although I could not lift my leg.

As I write this retrospectively I think it was the cancer in my leg that was causing the problem and the pain.

Once I got back home, a long and uncomfortable drive. I went to the Herts and Essex Minor Injouries Unit who again could not find the cause but gave me a splint and prescribed rest which I did.

Finally I got better and am now fully active although I take great care when I am doing things.

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